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Existence of the State of Israel is a Threat to Islam

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When I went through Qur’an, already in the first sura I encountered a problem, which is not to be solved easily. The book says that Allah leads the muslim people in the way of justice, not the way of those with whom he’s angry. According to a widely accepted interpretation these are the Jews. During his time Muhammad had to be in contact with the Jews and he probably knew their history as well. It is a history of losing their own country, losing their own identity. At least that is what the Bible says, for example the Deuteronomy. The loss is a consequence of idolatry and faithlessness of the Jewish people. To cut a long story short the God’s anger results in banishment to exile and vice versa – it would be the God’s good will if the Jews could return. Muhammad knows the Jewish history and reflects it in his first sura. However, he speaks only of the God’s anger. Obviously, when the state of Israel came to existence a problem appeared. That was such an unexpected event that the Qur’an didn’t reflect it in any way. According to the logic of the first sura (which is being quoted many times a day in prayers) the Jews should always live without a country of their own and they should always keep the state of diaspora.

However, the reality is different. In 1948 the state of Israel was founded. The stage of seeking jewish identity ended. In my opinion the mere foundation of the state of Izrael puts the islamic holy book, Qur’an, in doubt. Despite the fact the God is supposed to be angry with them, the Jews have their own state. At this point a conflict appears – a conflict between reality and sort of an ilusion stated by Qur’an. The Israeli state touches Islam in the most sensitive point it has. The truthfulness of Qur’an.

Palestinian Muslims pray to Allah to lead them the right way of justice. Only few meters away the Jews have their summer resorts, hotels and supermarkets. But most importantly they have their state, for which the Palestinians still only wait. Do you notice that paradox? Not any more can be the God’s anger indentified by the measure of having or not having a state. Therefore it is not a conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian people. It is a conflict between Israel and Islam.

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The existance of Israeli state proves Islam wrong. If the muslims accepted its existance they would betray their own identity based on Qur’an. It may be said that these are the reasons leading directly to the hostile foreing policy of most of the Arabic countries to the state of Israel.

The situation in the Middle East is no doubt dismal. The Palestinian nation works as an excuse for Arabic countries to carry on their anti-Israel campaign. One example for all, they use it to prove Zionism to be wrong. The nation is being used in a completely different struggle – struggle for power…

In case my reasoning is correct, none of the the Arab countries will fight for a foundation of an independent Palestinian state. The excuse for anti-Israel policy would be gone. Obviously and naturally the Islamic parties play a key role in all Arabic countries. But those will never agree with the existence of an Israeli state, exactly for reasons I tried to point out in this article. The situation in the Middle East will escalate in wider violence on both sides of the conflict.

I do not agree with killing on any side. But Zonism does not necessarily mean the acceptance of any decision made by the Israeli government. Zionism as an ideology means to say yes to the biblical messages about Jews returning to their country, which is a fact a kind reader can prove to himself by reading the Bible.

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