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Fanatics asking Hina Khan to dress ‘respectfully’ during Ramzan should be condemned

Television actress Hina Khan was at the receiving end of trolls’ comments after she shared a dance video and a few images in which she’s wearing what might be considered a revealing outfit.

Trolls objected to the fact that she wore such an outfit during the holy month of Ramzan and questioned her religious beliefs.

Trolls are saying Hina’s outfit is inappropriate for Ramzan and she doesn’t know how to behave during the holy month. But using derogatory language towards a woman is appropriate behaviour, is it?

The dress that Hina is wearing or her dance moves are not obscene by any stretch of the imagination.

Besides being an actor, Hina is also a professional model and her pictures and videos are part of her work where she is endorsing a clothing line.

By asking her to refrain from wearing certain clothes this during Ramzan, will trolls compensate for the monetary loss she suffers in this month?

Plus, Hina is an artist and art has no religion, nationality, caste or creed.

Nobody has authorized trolls to decide what is a sin and what is not. If what she does is illegal, the law of the land will prevail.

It is not the dress that is cheap, it is the mentality of the trolls.

Does being a Muslim take away from the fact that Hina is living in a free society? Does being a Muslim make her less of a human being?

It is disturbing to see people holding such dogmatic and obscurantist views.

To say that Hina should die because of what she wore is sinful, what she wore isn’t.

Some of the same trolls likely cry “intolerance” (and rightly so) when their right to eat beef is curbed. Then why should Hina’s right to dress the way she wants to be taken away?

Practicing a religion is a very private matter and Hina owes no explanation to trolls over her beliefs.

We can’t let bigots, the fatwa brigade and mullahs hijack Islam and dictate how they think the religion ought to be practiced.

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