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Fatwa: Not a diktat, but solution to a problem

Fatwa is not an order, not a binding and need not be followed and obeyed strictly as understood by the people of the Islamic faith. It is not like a diktat, which was issued by the kings in the past and cannot be issued by anyone as per their whims and wishes, by misinterpreting what was said by ‘Quran’ and ‘Hadees’. A Mufti, who issues Fatwa, must have thorough knowledge of the Islamic education, which includes ‘Quran’ and ‘Hadees’. It may be issued only to guide an individual or the society, which is beset with problems and is looking for a solution. Only those people, who lack an understanding of the issues before them and are restless for an advice, would approach a Mufti for his guidance in the form of a Fatwa. A Mufti cannot impose his views in the form of Fatwa on the people coming to him but, should do so by keeping the Islamic views in mind. His advisory should be in the form of enlightening the person approaching him and not in misguiding him.

A Fatwa should be one which makes way for establishing peace and harmony in the society and not disruption. Issuing a Fatwa by an illiterate person, who is poor in Islamic education, is considered as a sin. A Mufti, who issues Fatwa, should always fear and love Allah and should have affection and sympathy for others. Keeping in view the above, the Muslims should restrain from approaching the Muftis with controversial background and are devoid of Islamic education. Further, Maulvis or Muftis should dissociate themselves from any group or party indulging in politics, which is not acceptable in the eyes of Allah and Prophet Mohammed. Rather, the religious scholars should utilize their knowledge and pragmatism in guiding the community on the right path.

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