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Featured Six hospitals refuse to admit, finally DU prof. Wali Akhtar dies

By Hasan Akram

New Delhi, June 11 : Professor Wali Akhtar Nadwi, head of the Arabic department at Delhi University died on 9 June after he was denied treatment at around six private hospitals in Delhi and Noida. He had shown Covid symptoms but the hospitals refused to admit him citing different reasons.

On 2 June Akhtar found out that he was having a fever. Since then his family members approached around six private hospitals including Delhi’s Bansal Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Moolchand Hospital and Kailash Hospital in Noida. But all of them refused to admit him.
Some of them said they don’t admit patients having fever and some said they don’t have a bed available.

When hospital refused to admit

“My ailing brother was shocked and disappointed at the treatment of the hospital more than his ailment as he was emotionally a weak person. He lost hope even before the beginning of the Covid1-19 test process just because , Jamil Akhtar the younger brother of late prof Wali Akhtar told Muslim Mirror.

These are the hospitals which are in the vicinity of our home and also impaneled with University of Delhi under direct payment facility so we try to get my brother admitted there unsuccessfully. The guards of Fortis Escort didnt allow our entry inside the hospital after having a look at us, and this was grieved my brother the most.

‘We were very shocked when the staff of Fortis Escort didn’t allow our entry inside the hospital, and this grieved the most to my late brother, added Jamil.

“It is evident that the central and state governments have no control over these hospitals and the latter are doing whatever they want. Moreover, the governments’ claims are hollow. In such a situation, a common person has no dignity” professor Mujeeb said.

Dr Aditya Narayan Mishra, former president of the Delhi University Teachers Association criticised healthcare authorities over Akhtar’s death. In an interview with News 18 Urdu, Mishra said that his family members kept running from one hospital to another in their attempt to get him admitted but his life was lost as he was not provided with a bed at any hospital.


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