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Feeding poor and orphans: A religious onus on every Muslim

Quran directs the Momin ( believer) to make endeavors against disparity in financial as well as status in the Islamic society thereby, ‘Zakat/Alms giving ( one of the five pillars of Islam ), has been made binding on him. It is not enough to be grateful to Allah only without any personal concern for needy( irrespective of religion, caste, race,colour etc.) besides, contributing to their welfare

“ Be regular in offering Namaz and also spend whatever I have given towards the welfare of humanity “(8:2)

“ Imperatively give share to needy and miserable and never be spendthrift “(17:26)

There are several references in Quran where Muslims are directed to feed poor and orphans which has been made a compulsory binding on them because provider of food would be destined to ‘Jannat’.

Don’t make haste while progressive in Allah’s path, it is with responsibility of liberating slaves along with feeding poor and orphans” (12:16)

Quran further insists on feeding the poor while those who do not follow this, would be sent to ‘Jahannum’: ‘ and that kind hearted would obey Allah’s wish in feeding needy, poor and incarcerated. (Al-Dahar 8 ) &

“ When would be asked the reason of destining to ‘Jahannum’, would be answered, because not offering Namaz and feeding poor” ( Al Mudassir 43:44) & “ would be ordered to rope bind,through into fire, bring in shackles to those who do not have faith in Allah and also not follow his directives to feed the poor” ( Al Hakkah :32)

It is also made imperative that a Muslim should not only feed the poor but also pursue his fellows to do so too. Quran also wishes that like the provision of community feeding/ ‘Sadavrat’ in other religions, Muslims should also follow the same practice by feeding poor and orphans.

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