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Flexibility in the Sharia law provides concessions to the Muslims in times of difficulties

In view of an unprecedented situation in the world, which has already witnessed a death toll of about 2,11,000 and infection of more than 3.04 million due to Covid-19, the mosques all over the world have taken drastic steps by closing their doors to its congregants for curbing spread of the virus, which is highly infectious and potentially deadly. The decision to close mosques by Islamic authorities and Muslim scholars was derived from the fundamental principles of the Sharia law, which posits preservation of human life as top priority. Despite, a small number of dissenting worshippers,

Muslim communities ranging from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia and from Britain to Morocco have curtailed access to mosques. As medical experts opined that the risk of infection due to Covid- 19 is very high, especially in large gathering, as Friday prayers, Muslims across the world are trying to adapt to new social norms including not attending mosque congregations. Citing various examples from the Prophetic traditions, Muslim scholars have called for the closure of mosques and stated that under difficult situation such as pandemic outbreak, the Muslims can perform their obligatory prayers at home. Further, the Muslim bodies across the world have advised the community to follow the guidelines formulated by experts and the health officials such as social distancing and exercise of hygiene practices in dealing with the virus.

As a responsible citizen of the Motherland every Indian irrespective of religion must uphold the law of the land and follow the guidelines, which is good for his fellow citizens.

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