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From Aligarh to the moon: The inspiring Journey of AMU alumni in Chandrayaan-3

In the heart of India, in the city of Aligarh, a story of dedication and innovation was quietly unfolding. Priyanshu Varshney, a bright mind with a passion for electronics, had always dreamed of reaching for the stars. Little did he know that his journey would take him not just to the stars, but all the way to the Moon.

Priyanshu, a product of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), had pursued his B. Tech and M.Tech in Electronics with unwavering determination. He was determined to contribute to something greater than himself, and that opportunity came when he joined the prestigious Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

At ISRO, Priyanshu found himself in the midst of a team working tirelessly on the Chandrayaan-3 mission, focusing on the Lander and Rover components. The mission’s goal was ambitious – a lunar landing. It was a task that required not just technical prowess but also boundless commitment.

Another AMU alumnus, Ishrat Jamal, who had graduated with a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering in 2013, was also part of this remarkable endeavor. His lab at ISRO was responsible for designing and developing the Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) that powered critical RF and Digital subsystems. It was a vital component of the mission’s success.

The story didn’t end there. Khushboo Mirza, another distinguished ISRO scientist, had graduated from AMU in Electronics in 2006. Her contributions in earlier missions had paved the way for the successes that led to Chandrayaan-3’s triumphant lunar landing.

As the news of this historical accomplishment spread, the AMU fraternity swelled with pride. Their fellow alumni had played crucial roles in this and earlier missions that had culminated in this grand achievement. It was a testament to the quality of education and the spirit of excellence instilled at AMU.

This story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. It reminds us that with unwavering commitment, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge, we can reach for the stars and beyond. The journey from Aligarh to the Moon might seem improbable, but with the right mindset and determination, even the sky is not the limit.

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