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Gandhi peace prize for BangaBandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: A new era in Indo-Bangladesh relationship

The year 2021 has been witnessing several milestones in the bilateral relationship between India and Bangladesh. The ensuing visit of Indian Prime Minister to Dhaka could strengthen India’s all weather relationship with Bangladesh as both the countries are destined to grow together. India’s outreach to its neighborhood Bangladesh, which was manifested in the form of a gift of 2 million doses of vaccines to Bangladesh and participation of a 122-member contingent of Bangladesh Armed forces in the 2021 Republic Day Parade, has further expanded with conferring of the prestigious Gandhi Peace Prize 2020 on BangaBandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, one of the greatest leaders of the Sub-continent and an icon of indomitable courage. While announcing the award, Indian Prime Minister said that Sheikh Mujibur Rehman was a champion of Human Rights & freedom and a hero to millions of admirers from both India and Bangladesh. He added that the path shown by BangaBandhu had laid a strong foundation for the partnership, progress and prosperity of both the countries.
In response, Bangladesh Government has said that the award was an honour for the country and its people. A statement by Bangladesh Government added that the award was a befitting tribute to the ever deepening relationship between India and Bangladesh in a year when both countries are jointly celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh independence. Growing relationship between India and Bangladesh in the areas of security, connectivity and business is the need of 21st century as these endeavours are bound to neutralize insurgency in north-east Indian States, augment export opportunities of both the countries and thereby,
increase their economy.

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