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Ghazwa-E Hind Still- The Perfect Recipe for Radicalization

Ghazwa e Hind has been misinterpreted and distorted by some radical scholars for provoking Indian Muslims to shed blood and take revenge in the name of Islam which in reality is dedicated for propagating peace, harmony, brotherhood, justice and equality disregarding caste, creed and religion. Ghazwa-e-Hind symbolises conquering of Hind (Indian subcontinent) by Muslims. Relevance of Ghazwa e Hind faded with the arrival of Mohammad bin Qasim in 712 A.D who was sent by the Islamic Head to invade the Indian subcontinent. Some extreme groups have been trying to wage war against India by taking reference of the Hadis that talk about holy war for spreading and protecting Islam in the Indian subcontinent.

The definition of the term Hind is very complicated nowadays to expound its geographical background because its implication internationally in 7th century had comprised present Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and some neighbourhood countries. The world was entirely different geographically that cannot be applied on the present walled countries. Some extremist groups in Pakistan and other countries have been trying to wage war emotionally, psychologically via different online platforms for provoking innocent educated and young Muslims. On the other, these self-proclaimed jihadists have failed to defend their own country and protect their own people’s lives; and they raise sympathetic voice to protect Muslims who have been living in India where they are enjoying all the lucrative facilities. Indian Muslims are very happy in India and they are fond to embrace Indian law by heart and soul to defend and love.

Islamic doctrines and principles are not a single entity that is rooted in Quran and Ahadis but also a great requirement of study to understand all the minute details. Similarly, Ghazwa e Hind is great term that should be understood by rational and analytical study of its historical background and context. According to Islamic constitution, Mufti e Aazam (chief judiciary person) can justify and decide the most significant contemporary issues by Ijma (The consensus of legal Muslim Scholars). So they should explain Ghazwa e Hind on the basis of toady’s geographical confinement. All the Indian Muslims must understand their religious texts accurately and love and respect Indian constitution for building prosperous and peaceful society forsaking the path of extremist and radical organization and groups which sow seeds of destruction and disruption in India.

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