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Hajara Beebi Ismail- A freedom fighter committed to ‘Khadi movement’

Hajara Beebi Ismail and her husband, Mohammad Ismail Saheb, both freedom fighters and disciples of Mahatma Gandhi, hailed from Tenali, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and remained committed to the cause of Khadi movement throughout their lives. Both, the iconic activists of national movement have been credited to opening of first ‘Khadar’ store in Guntur district. The couple faced wrath of Muslim league for opting education to their children in a Hindi school, known for imparting nationalistic streams. They used to provide shelter, funds and facilities to freedom fighters running away from the clutches of British police, thus being arrested and coerced severely by the Raj. Her husband died at an early age in 1948, succumbing to repeated imprisonment and suppression by the administration. Even after the death of her husband, she continued to participate proactively towards Khadi and the patriotism, besides refusing to the facilities extended to her as a freedom fighter category person. Moreover, she donated her family land to Kavuru Vinayashram (a platform of Khadi/Swadeshi movement) to keep the promise made by her husband. She, remaining committed to Khadi kept wearing it till her last breath (June 16, 1994, Tenali) as well as running of the Khadi store by her next generation.

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