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Hakim Ajmal Khan: The freedom fighter, Sufi and philanthropist

Hakim Sahib: a freedom fighter was born (February 11, 1858, Delhi) in an affluent family of distinguished Unani physicians, came to India with Mughal emperor Babar. He was committed to education and reforms in the Muslim community, besides founding Jamia Millia Islamia University as well as Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College. He was ‘Hafiz’ of Quran and a scholar of Islamic scripture as well as Arabic/Persian too. Being a multifaceted personality, he immensely contributed to Indian independence, national integration and communal harmony.

He volunteered for any task from Mahatma Gandhi, besides also hugely contributing/managing funds for various programmes. Although, renouncing all Government awards/titles, he is well-known as Mashih of Mulk (Healer of the Nation), besides naming of an antiarrhythmic agent, Ajmaline, after him. A main street in Karol Bagh area: Ajmal Khan Park will keep ‘Hakim Sahib’ a philanthropist/syncretic personality, alive in the memory of the people.

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