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Historic Delhi Mosques face possible demolition amidst railway land dispute

by Muslim Mirror Staff

In a tense stand-off between the Northern Railway Administration and the administrations of two ancient mosques in Delhi, the Bengali Market Masjid and Takiya Babbar Shah, located in ITO, are at risk of demolition due to alleged encroachments on railway land.

The railway authorities have issued a notice demanding the removal of the structures within 15 days, citing their construction on land belonging to the railway as the basis for the action.

The mosques’ committees are ardently defending the historic significance of these religious sites, claiming they have stood for hundreds of years and hold immense cultural and spiritual importance.

According to Abdul Ghaffar, Secretary of Takiya Babbar Shah Mosque, their place of worship dates back approximately 400 years, further highlighting the enduring legacy of these structures.

The notice, which has also been sent to the nearby Malaria Office of MCD, emphasizes the need for voluntary removal of the alleged encroachments. Failure to comply within the stipulated timeframe will result in the railway administration taking necessary action to dismantle the structures.

The mosques’ committees now find themselves grappling with a difficult decision, as they seek to protect their places of worship while navigating the intricate legal complexities of the land dispute with the railway authorities.

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