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Hyderabad-based trust serves food to around 500 people every day during Ramzan

Hyderabad: It’s Ramzan time, the Muslim month when the followers of the faith observe fast from before sunrise to sunset.

Besides fasting, the holy month is also about feasting from dusk to dawn.

And in this spirit of Ramzan, a Hyderabad-based trust provides food to almost 400-500 people every day- all without any funding from outside.

“We have been serving the poor people for 17 years. On the first day of Ramzan, we distributed ration consisting of various items to 1600 poor families and daily we arrange Iftar for the poor people. Around 400-500 people come here to have Iftari daily,” Mohammed Nasiuddin Khan, a trustee of Mohammed Zaheeruddin Khan Memorial Trust, told ANI.

Charity is one of the five tenets of Islam. Feeding the poor and needy, supporting orphans, relatives and travellers, spending in the way of Allah, all these find references in Quran, the holy book of the Muslims.

Rich and well-off followers of the Islamic faith do charity during Ramzan. Some give money to the poor, several others distribute food, clothes and organise Iftars- the breaking of fast.

“We take ration every year in the month of Ramzan and we also take Rs 200 as pension from the trust. They also serve food daily in Ramzan,” said a woman.

Source: ANI

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