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Hyderabad:Ex-MP wishes Eid Mubarak, hails Zakaat system of Islam

Hyderabad: Former Member of Parliament, Chevella Constituency, of Telangana Mr Konda Vishweshwar Reddy hailed the system of Zakaat in Islam.

Greeting Muslims Eid Mubarak on May 24 he wrote on his twitter handle: “Half a Trillion Dollars are Donated Every Year- in the Month of Ramadan! This is the Single Largest Transfer of Wealth from Rich to Poor as Part of a well defined System called Zakat

Eid Mubarak. A Whole Month of Devotion and Dedication of One’s Wealth towards Social Justice!”

Along with his message he also shared the video uploaded by a famous video blogger Nuseir Yassin who uploads videos with the account Nas Daily.

Nuseir reveals in his video that Bill Gates donated $30 billion dollars, Warren Buffett donated $26 billion dollars, Andrew Carnegie donated $ billion dollars, but the biggest donation of all is half a trillion dollars which Muslims donate every year as Zakaat.

Nuseir notes that the system of Zakaat in Islam fixes many problems including income inequality, where the rich continues to get rich and the poor stays the same.

He claims that Zakaat is given for education, healthcare and for food.

Quoting guardian, Nuseir says this is one of the largest forms of wealth transfer to the poor in existence!

World’s Biggest Donation

I have a million reasons to say humans are bad.But I also have half a trillion reasons to say humans are good.Right now, the world’s biggest donation is taking place – half a trillion dollars are being donated because of Zakat. Humans, in every religion, can be bad. But deep down inside, they are good.#RamadanTogether

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

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