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Imam asks mosques to delay namaz so ‘Hindu brothers’ can play Holi

In a display of communal harmony, the Imam of Aishbagh Eidgah in Lucknow has requested all Mosques in the City to postpone their Friday Prayers , keeping in mind that Holi falls on Friday. Holi , the festival of Colors is being celebrated in the Country on the 2nd of March, 2018.

According to the Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahali, a Sunni cleric, Hindu Brethern usually celebrate Holi between 12 pm to 1 pm and this coincides with the timings of Jumme ki namaz. While requesting the other mosques to postpone the timings of the prayer, he added that he had already changed the timings of Friday Prayer. The prayers at Aishbagh Eidgah will now be held between 12.45 and 1 .45 pm on Friday.

The Moulana added that the festival comes once in a year for our Hindu brothers. We have changed the timings to ensure that our Hindu brothers can play Holi and we can also offer namaz .  A lot of people are in agreement with my decision to change the prayer timings. This will send out a right message to the community as well as promote communal harmony” .

He added that this was the first time that timings of Friday prayers has been changed for Holi.

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