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Imam Jafar sacrificed his life on the path of righteousness

Jafar ibn Muhammad al- Sadiq alias al- Sadiq ( the truthful ), the sixth Imam, was the descendent of Ali, the fourth Caliph from his father’s side and of Abu-Bakr, the first Caliph from his mother’s side. He is revered as last Imam by ‘Shias’ while as transmitter of Hadith as well as a prominent jurist. Born in 702 CE, Jafar inherited Imamship from his father in mid thirtees and remained stable despite prevailing political conflicts then in the region, besides, evading requests for done leadership of the rebels. However, the jealous Abbasid Caliphs got him poisoned leading to his death.

His religious views are recorded as an authority in the writing of number of contradictory positions including Sufis, Sunni jurisprudence ,Ismaili writings. He is referred as, ‘ the learned and one who informed us’ and ‘ The Thiqa /truthful Ja’far to Muhammad himself told me that …’ he is known as the founder of Twelvers, the second largest group Ismailis. According to Tabatabai , the number of traditions left behind by Sadiq were more than Ahadith recorded from Muhammad to all Imams combined. The interpretations / hypotheses given by Imam Zafar are still relevant and guide Muslims on various religious issues.

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