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Importance and utility of knowledge/education

Education and role of different people are very important in shaping the future of the children. The importance and utility of knowledge/education has been absolute in every era. In Islam, acquisition of knowledge has been made compulsory because religious deeds without knowledge are unacceptable. However, different people have been accorded different responsibilities in connection with this important duty. Due to laziness, negligence, carelessness and insensitiveness of any person in the team/chain, the children cannot continue their educational journey and may indulge in grim habits, misery and other immoral and wrong deeds thus inflicting irreparable damage to their future. People who play important role in shaping the future of a child are:

i. Parents and Guardians – The parents’ role starts from the birth of a child. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) suggested that after the birth, the children should be given the best possible name, they should be given lessons of piety and purity, best school should be chosen for them and the guardians should also keep strong watch on their homework. They should be taught about history of different religions, country and important historical figures. The children should be guided and promoted to have good friends/companions as the companions are like perfume sellers (good companion, who at least can provide fragrance his companions) and blacksmith (bad companion, who can provide dust and smoke to his companions).

ii. Teachers – This is the most sensitive and blessed group whose hard work improves the future of children. Even minor distractions and insensitiveness can harm the children. The teachers should exercise maximum precaution in abusing and taking the students to task. This may make students least interested in learning.

iii. Administration of the Institution – This is the backbone of any institution. Sometimes the institutions reduce learning desires in children with some unnecessary and unwarranted words, especially inappropriate increase in school fees. The non-existence of a reasonable caretaker/guide also affects education of the children in schools.

iv. State and Central Administration – Condition of majority of the non-Government school teachers has become worst after imposition of lockdown since March as schools/institutions are closed. Private teachers are finding it difficult to sustain their families. As almost all sectors are open, the Governments should also open the educational institutions duly following Covid guidelines so that children and teachers enjoy the teaching/learning environment of schools.

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