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Improvement of human capital of the Muslim community is need of the hour:

A country can truly rise when all its communities are economically empowered. Higher education is one of the most powerful drivers towards economic empowerment. It unlocks new avenues for aspiring citizens to develop their human capital, access better employment and financial opportunities, and improve quality of life. Today, socio-economic growth is driven by knowledge economy and the biggest benefactors of this new economy are the people and the countries that are focussing on human capital development. Moreover, education and literacy, especially of woman have a significant impact on population growth and fertility rates. According to a recently released data, enrolment of the minorities in general and Muslims in particular in higher education lags behind the majority community.

The Muslim community must take charge of improving their human capital. When other groups like SC/ST/OBCs have demonstrated rapid improvement in human capital since 2012-13, there is no reason the Muslim community cannot do it. In this world, where the velocity of change is unprecedented due to technology, the internet and the other drivers, every community including the Muslims must focus on its human capital development. The Indian Muslims must utilise every opportunity they possess to ensure that their children are not left behind in this new world dynamic. Focussing on higher education is one of those compelling advantages.

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