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In Hyderabad, Ramzan nights are abuzz with cuisine, cultural fests and shopping

Ratna G. Chotrani/Hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad is bursting with life and energy during the holy month, particularly after sunset as Muslims break their day-long rigorous fast. The night during Ramzan brings unique activities and exclusive experiences to residents and visitors.

Those new to the city are astonished to see the cultural celebrations, thrilling outdoor adventures, tempting retail offers in Malls and shops and incredible food the aroma of which fills the air!

There is so much one can do in the city during the month. The foodies can binge on the delicious cuisine at eateries, roadside kiosks, or restaurants; participate in special community festivities and events, and explore the city’s impressive shopping scene.

Whatever you have in mind for a feast Hyderabad’s got it – and Ramzan makes Hyderabad’s food even more special!

Areas like Charminar, Toli Chowki, and Barquas come alive with thousands of fasting people thronging shops to buy fruits, ittars, and clothes, during Iftar time.

The festive mood of the city is distinctly felt in the area around Charminar in old city in particular which is the hub of shoppers and food lovers paradise.

Sehri platter delivered in Hyderabad

The city’s top iftars get-togethers are flag bearers of the elevated cuisine that champions the local as well as fusion flavours that Hyderabad is known for.

From private dining experiences to the best iftar buffets and food corners in Hyderabad, one’s food bucket list is incomplete without these must–try culinary experiences

With the Government permitting the shops to be open 24×7, food lovers throughout the night throng the old city.

For starters, there is the haleem, an enchanting flavoursome dish – a staple of iftar in  Hyderabad with many street vendors and restaurants serving up this hearty dish during the month.

The other popular dishes include samosas, dahi vada, pakoras, and dates.

Several areas go abuzz and every nook and corner is illuminated with renditions of qawwals in the inimitable voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  Adnan Sami and even local artists emanating from the loudspeakers.

The most striking feature however is the aroma of street food wafting through the air of a Ramzan Iftaari.

A few yards away from Mahboob Ki Mehendi , a neighbourhood infamous till a few decades ago due to countless hookers for the courtesans, is now is a hub of food stalls that greets you on either side of the road near Hussaini Alam.

Famous Kebabs which are hot favourites during Ramzan

A view to steal your breath away even as you see people from all across the city converge in the locality to taste the varied culinary delicacies,  beverages and live cooking stations that whip up a feast.

Slabs of stone cooking tender strips of mutton Patthar Ka gosht which means meat cooked on stone. Shops offer succulent meats to delight any food senses. And then there is food itself Biryani’s kebabs, Arabic Mandi, snacks, desserts, take your pick from these delicacies.

If one is looking to walk the meal off cradle a warm cup of Gahwa a tinkered version of qahwa. Also known as Arabian coffee, the qahwa is slowly becoming a post-iftar meal in the Old City even as the senses relax with soothing notes from loudspeakers.

Gahwa is available in several localities including Barkas, the beverage is largely offered by Hyderabadis who trace their lineage to the Yemenis of Hadhramaut.

Around late night workers start arranging tables and chairs in most of the old city and restaurants even as they are getting ready to serve the sehri meals. Little later the seats are full as the crowds arrive for Sehri a meal before the fast begins. Several eateries in Hyderabad are offering special Sehri menus and platters. These platters or combos are big enough for at least four people and serve traditional Hyderabadi dishes. Mostly. Sehri combos in Hyderabad are typically a mix of non-vegetarian starters such as kebabs, bread and rice, a dal, and a main course curry.

Though many prefer eating Sehri at home rather than going out, there is a growing popularity among the elite, or with late hours of working to seek a relaxed meal during Ramzaan without having to put effort into cooking into the wee hours. The Sehri offerings usually commence at 1.30 and last up to dawn.

According to Omar, the trend of having Sehri meals from outside had picked up several years ago Khichdi, Keema, and Khatta are typical Hyderabadi dishes he added. Other delicacies are offered a round Charminar, Charkaman and Khilwat like fish, prawns Malai paya trotters cooked with a paste of roasted nuts garnished with cream is a crowd puller and the most trending dish. Popular eateries serving the dish add dollops of malai which melts into the shorba. 

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Indeed Ramzaan is the time of devotion charity and celebration and what better way to celebrate than Hyderabad which is truly unique and a special experience

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