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Inclusion of modernism in traditional Islamism to counter radicalisation

History has proved that a democratic state extends overall development and welfare to its citizen while maintaining pace with global development as well in comparison to the governance and empowerment development in any Muslim state, an Islamic state or a state run by a despot/religious leader. It is Pertinent as in the case of Pakistan, various militant outfits are growing like octopus garbing space in the political/religious/educational institutes/fora. Initially, the Arabic Islam was strictly based on traditional version with prominence of Ummah, Shariah, Jihad, Caliphate, etc. However, Islam brought from the Arabian Peninsula underwent a reformation/modification in India which manifested also in Sufism, which is one of the basic ethos of India’s assimilative culture.

Moreover, Islam has been beautifully adapted demographically and geographically in India while traditional Islamists (most of early Ulema/clergy) treat nationalism/patriotism as an antithesis of Islam which enjoin the universal community of all true believers (Ummah), it treats political leadership like Kamal Pasha as harbingers of secularism and democratic values. Pakistan is, however, caught in the cleft i.e. either let flourish the traditional Islam which may degenerate into terrorist outfits like LeT, JeM and of its ilk, or enjoin with the sub-continental Islam which opens the gate of peace, harmony, tolerance, ensure happiness and prosperity to the people. Pakistan being under immense global pressure and in miserable financial status, besides state of strife has no option but to ban the terrorist outfits operating from its soil. It is in the interest of Pakistan that it commits to the peace and amiable relations with its neighbors.

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