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“Indeed, to Allah, we belong and to Allah, we shall return.”

Eman Sakina

The one perennial truth of all of mankind is that you will die and so will everyone else.This has been true since the beginning of time and will be till the end, death is the one universal inescapable commonality. Rich or poor, genius or dumb, everyone will perish. The Quran tells the Muslims this exact message,

“Wherever you may be, death will overtake you, even if you should be within towers of lofty construction.” (4:78)

You can gain strength and clarity from contemplating your death. It will help you focus on what matters most and help you separate yourself from the pointless ups and downs of everyday life that we all get caught up in. If thoroughly comprehended, it is an extremely potent idea.

“Bear in mind that the present life is just a game, a diversion, an attraction, a cause of boasting among you, of rivalry in wealth and children. It is like plants that spring up after the rain: their growth at first delights the sowers, but then you see them wither away, turn yellow, and become stubble. There is terrible punishment in the next life as well as forgiveness and approval from God; the life of this world is only an illusory pleasure.” (57:20)

The full Ayat in Surah Baqarah 155-157, “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, who, when disaster strikes them, say, “Inna lillahi wainnailayhiraji’un”. Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided.”

This ayah is to be said in cases where a person has suffered any kind of loss, be it the death of a person (Muslim or non-Muslim) or any living creature, loss of wealth or property, deterioration of health, etc.

As mentioned before, Allah asks us to be those who are patient [As-Sabirun] during calamities by reciting the ayah “Inna Lillahiwa innailayhi Raji un”.

In the very next ayah Allah tells us of the reward for this practice:

They are those on whom are the Salawat (i.e., who are blessed and will be forgiven) from their Lord, and (they are those who) receive His mercy, and it is they who are the guided ones.

[Noble Quran 2:156]

Truly, to Allah, we belong, and truly, to Him, we shall return.

This ayah reminds us that whatever is in this world belongs to Allah and is a Blessing from Him.

If, for example, a person had given some money as a loan to his friend for some time and now he wants the money back. Is the person doing anything wrong in wanting back his own money?

Similarly, when a person dies, Allah is only taking back the soul of His creation.

By reciting this ayah at the time of someone’s death, we remind ourselves that the creation has returned to his Creator.

“Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as a trial, and to Us you will be returned.” (21:35)


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