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Indian citizens: Free to follow Hinduism, Islam or Atheism at their will

Although, India, being a secular country maintains equidistance from every religion, creed, belief, etc., its diversity assures the citizen to freely follow Hinduism, Islam, Humanism, Atheism, Paganism, Communism et al while freedom recognized politically as well as guaranteed lawfully. This beauty of ‘unity in diversity’ is to be maintained/protected/flourished by every Indian especially socio-politico-religio leadership.

All the religions, in their fundaments believe in an unitary force (Parmatma Allah God) which guides and nurture every ‘Aatma’ (creation), so to differentiate in the name of religion, creating fissures and developing exclusivist religious identity, must be discouraged rather the spirit of human bonding, harmony and co-existence be strengthened instill. The liberal solution to empower our diverse culture lies in people and governance in consensus which must be reaffirmed by combined struggle against alien rule for achieving the freedom and collective efforts for making the country on the lead in global rivalry post-independence.

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