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‘Indian Muslims’ citizenship won’t be affected due to CAA: Modi

New Delhi: No Indian’s citizenship would be affected due to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), including Muslims assured Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Budget session in the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

He is quoted to have said, “I want to clarify it to my 130
crore Indians. The CAA will not have any effect on any religious community —
be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs or Christians.”

Accusing the Congress and other opposition parties of spreading
misinformation about the CAA, PM Modi said people who had been removed from
office by the people of India were now doing the unthinkable. They wanted to
divide India in the name of religion, he added.

Indian Prime Minister also targeted Pakistan for trying to
influence India’s Muslims.

Ironically Narendra Modi whose government brought the contentious
law CAA which grants citizenship to the people of other faiths excluding
Muslims said about the opposition “They see citizens based on their faith.
We are different. We see everyone as an Indian.”

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