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India’s Cheraman Mosque: 1000-year-old lamp continues to shine

Kerala: In India’s 1st first center for Islamic worship, Cheraman Juma Mosque, a 1000-year-old lamp continues to shine even today as people of different faiths bring oil for it.

The mosque which is located in Kodungallur, Kerala has a secular history as its inner portion was built in Hindu architectural idiom.

The white marble used in the mosque was brought from Makkah.

President of the managing committee of the Mosque, Sayeed said that communal harmony prevails at the mosque.


Kerala Govt. is also set to renovate the mosque which was built in 629 AD. The renovation was started a day after Supreme Court gave the verdict in Ayodhya case.

The Government has decided to spend Rs. 1.13 crore for the renovation of the mosque.

Apart from the mosque, Kodungallur has many historical monuments including Churches, temples etc.

Finance Minister of Kerala, T.M. Thomas Isaac said that as part of the Muziris Heritage Conservation Project, all these monuments will be restored.

The project which covers seven panchayats of Kodungallur and Paravur will renovate many sites including 27 museums, over 50 sites of interest etc. Two synagogues have already been restored.

Dream of Cheraman Perumal

It is believed that last Cheraman Perumal once dreamt of the moon splitting into two. When he revealed his dream to traders from Arabia, they said that it is a message from Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Later, before his death, Perumal asked Persian Scholar Malik bin Dinar to construct a mosque and spread the message of Islam.   

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