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Instances of communal harmony

A. A Muslim woman make Shiv Lingams in Varanasi

Setting an example of faith in oneness of God and communal harmony, Meet Alam Ara, a Muslim woman of Varanasi has been making Shiv Lingams for the last 17 years. She believes that communal divide is a sheer waste of time and energy because we all primarily are Hindustani. She also says that religion should not be an obstacle in social assimilation.

B. Muslims and Hindus attended one-another’s religious festival in a village of Kerala

Presenting an example of communal harmony, in Udyavar village of Manjeshwaram town of Kerala, Muslims participate in Rath yatra procession during Annual festival of the village temple. Similarly, Hindus of the village always attend the religious festivals organized by the local mosque.

C. A Muslim donate land for a temple in Kerala

In Mallapuram district of Kerala, a Muslim (Nambiarthodi Ali) has donated a pond at his land to the committee of Kundada Shiva temple in Chathangottupuram turning down the financial compensation against this donation. In view of his good act for establishing communal harmony, Ali was honoured during the Shivratri celebrations by the Mandir committee.

D. Mass marriage programme of Hindu and Muslim couples together

To spread the message of Hindu-Muslim unity and communal harmony, a community Marriage Programme including Hindu and Muslim brides/grooms was organized at Rawatpur village of distt. Kanpur, UP. The idea of such programme was initiated by a Muslim and as a result, over 8,000 local villagers not only attended the grand event, hosted by both Muslims and Hindus.

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