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International Women’s Day : Empowerment of Women in India

International Women’s Day (March 8) commemorating social, economic, cultural achievements and struggle for liberation and gender parity is more relevant for Indian women fast emerging to play leading roles in every walk of life. In fact, the day, marking women’s struggle for equality does not belong to a feminist or organisation but to the collective efforts of all those caring about human rights globally. The civilisation, ancient history and the period of freedom struggle/national movement, the women-folk have remained in prominence and was given the status of Goddess enjoying power at par with a God (mother Durga/Shakti had destroyed the evil forces severally while God’s failed to do so). However, a hiatus due to invasions, period of subjugation, foreign rule and male dominated society, the progress of women force has become stagnated, which has again surcharged post-independence period and continue to accelerate in the form of a movement for equality, liberty and a due share in national assets/prosperity.

By successfully flying war planes, adventuring along seas, surpassing achievements in business/corporate sectors, excelling in spheres of politics/ sports/ art/ culture/ cinema/ administration, Indian women have shown element and courage to rise for their pro-active role in inclusive development of the society and the nation.

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