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ISIS: not ‘Jihadi’ but ‘Fitna’

Nowadays, Islamic States and others of its ilk, claiming to establish the ‘Caliphate’, have created a reign of terror around the world by killing innocent people, despoiling peace / harmony, damaging properties, exploding bombs etc. while Islam, a religion of peace having no provision of violence/terrorism, besides terming killing/destruction as greatest atrocity and sin:

“He, who kills any innocent person, is killer of the entire humanity and he, saves anybody, is like a person who saves the entire humanity”. (5:32)

Indeed, Islam prohibits killing/demolishing of children, women, old, worshippers, milking animals, green trees, etc. even during time of war, besides highly condemn the retribution:

“There is no provision under the Islamic system of justice that revenge for the mistake of a person is taken from the other person.” (164)

“It is the responsibility of the government and Muslims to provide security and protection to the non-Muslims residing under the Islamic government. Those killing them can’t go to Heaven.” (Hadees Sahih Bukhari)

Organisations like ISIS are tarnishing the image of Islam/Muslims by indulging in acts not confirming to the Islamic edicts, thus not in true ‘Jihad’ (a war against evils) but in ‘Fitna’ (a wrong act)/terrorism, rather an un-Islamic forces. ISIS is weakening the Islam by spreading conflict, violence, confusion and chaos, thereby a decline of the ‘Ummah’. Therefore, ISIS and of its ilk are condemnable terrorists/outfits, putting an onus on Muslim Ummah/every conscious Muslim to inform the world of their threats, besides striving to prevent the Muslim youths for supporting/joining these organizations.

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