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Islam always stood for women empowerment/equal rights

Islam as well as the Prophet, in foundation had accorded equal rights, freedom and dignity to feminine gender, besides provisions for their empowerment, in contrast to fabricated misconception that women in Islam are subjugated, degraded and oppressed. The Quranic verse proclaiming it as below:

“And for women are rights over men, similar to those of men over women” (2:228)

Islam, from its inception around fourteen hundred years back, had ensured the women rights that the so called modern West declared as compulsory after lapse of centuries. Moreover, the declaration on the elimination of violence against women was issued by the UN General assembly in 1993. Islam tells us, that the men and women have been created from a single person and hence either of them can enjoy justice and kind treatment. Both women and men are equally encouraged to seek knowledge as the Prophet said “Education is compulsory for every Muslim”. A great female Scholar, Aisha existed at and around the time of Prophet. Moreover, Islam has given the freedom of choosing spouse. The acts of harassment to women, forcing her to marriage and leaving her on whims are strongly prohibited in Islam, besides provision of sentence of punishment to the doers. Yet, there are many barriers to assure rights to women. It is worthwhile to aware people about women education and rights. The Governments, across the world must make laws and ensure stopping women right violations.

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