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Islam and terrorism

According to Islam, terrorism is the most condemnable act. Quran says, “Killing one person is equal to killing the whole humanity” which means no person should kill another human being. Islam further directs “Even at the time of war, it is not allowed to kill an innocent person’’. It is evident from references from the Islamic history as well as teachings of the Prophet and his disciples like Hazrat Abu Bakar & Hazrat Umar. Terming suicide bombing against humanity, Islam states, “No person should take his own life because he would be destined to hell forever for his sinful act”. Also ‘No one can issue a Fatwa supporting suicide bombing’. Indeed, Islam a true religion, urges Muslims to follow the path of truth and prohibits them from extremism, terrorism and any radical ideology that leads to violence. No person would gain salvation and enter paradise by killing another person. The main objective of every true Muslim is to please Allah who is not pleased if someone’s life taken anyway.

A Muslim’s immediate duty is to guide the youths against the ill effects of extremism and terrorism, besides impressing upon them to make effort to restore peace and harmony in the society for an inclusive human welfare.

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