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Islam and the Prophet do never support violence and terrorism

Once upon a time, Hazarat Abdul Rahaman Abdullah was travelling along with Prophet Muhammad. At a point of time, when Prophet was out for attending to nature call, a group of birds came there in search of grains in the nearby farm. Fascinated by the cuteness and beauty of a small bird, one of the followers of the Prophet caught the small bird and kept it under his custody. They resumed their journey after Prophet came back. When the mother bird was crying loudly and flying upon the travelers, Prophet asked whether anyone of his team caused physical or mental agony to the mother bird or the nestling! If so, they should immediately initiate remedial action i.e. free the caught baby bird to make the mother bird happy.

In another illustration, one believer (Muslim lady), tied a cat with a view to punish the creature as it regularly uses to drink milk in her house. After few days, the cat died of starvation. Knowing this, Prophet Muhammad told that she would go to hell for her sinful act. Similarly, a prostitute lady (which is a high grade sinful act as per Islam) was blessed with heaven for her kind act of offering water to a thirsty dog.

One day, when Prophet Muhammad was passing through a street, he found few youngsters throwing ants into fire. He immediately prevented them from doing so, and advised them that human beings should not indulge in such violent activities against any living being. Burning a creature is the discretion of Allah and not for human beings.

These instances ratify that neither Islam or the Prophet support the violence of any kind even against the minutest creature in this world. Islam was derived from two words of Salam (Peace) and Silm (Dedication). Such religion would never propagate terrorism. It is further emphasized in Islam that we should remove thorns and glass particles when we pass through a road so that other passersby would not get injured. Hence, we should understand Islam properly and implement the ideals suggested in it, so as to make our life more meaningful.

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