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Islam means Peace

Sometimes one comes across annoying thinqs that h mental but world peace as well. The essence and message is indeed peace and imagination of a world without evil and deception, chaos and turmoil. Nevertheless, the misappropriation of basicCePtl0n’ chaos associating these to terrorism constructs a different image of concepts of Islam, which is often proved to be antithetical to normalcv and peace. The irony is that a good number of Muslim countries are submerged in violence, socially divided and politically fragile, thus immature. In these countries, external interventions are the norm, leadinq to internal divisions and power struggles; which sometimes become recruiting grounds for extremism This brings in the point that the extremistorganizations like ISIS, through their violent actions defame Islam and Muslims in general justifying such action by misrepresenting excerpts from holy Quran.

Islam addresses the needs of humanity with its principles of morality, spirituality, justice, forbearance, brotherhood and peace. The prime focus of Islam is on the creation of an ideal humane society guided by reason were brotherhood and benevolence are the social basis under divine guidance for the betterment and salvation. In fact in the holv Quran, God allows Muslims to be at peace with those who do not harm their existence Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fiqht vou because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly” (60:8). Therefore, peace is something which cannot be side-lined in any circumstances; it is not just the cessation of war and violence, rather encompasses germination of opportunities for prosperity A Muslim is he who brings closer his adversaries through his noble character and teach them compassion and forbearance.

As mentioned in the Quran, there is no compulsion on anyone to accept Islam as their religion, and it is upon Allah to guide him/her on the righteous path. Therefore, the extremist organisation craft the literature with an appropriated interpretation to allure the recruits for doing what Islam forbids them to do. The publications of this nature intend to invent an emergency in which a threat is constructed, and offensive military action is presented to be the best alternative solution. Hence, need arises to counter such constructed simplification intellectually by exposing the redundant ideologies, which can only be done by teaching and living the actual message of the religion of peace, Islam.

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