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Islam propagates the message of ‘Peace’

The universal message of Islam is peaceful propagation of Deen without pressure and there are a number of verses in the Quran that advise the Muslims to treat non-Muslims with peace, care and respect. The Quran also advises Muslims to have dialogue with non-Muslims to solve various bilateral issues but ‘Al Qaida’ and other terrorist organizations call for violence as the solution to all the ills that are plaguing the Muslims. Leaders of terrorist outfits justify the killings of innocent civilians including children and women by putting across unjustified argument, which is against the norms of the Islam. The Quran is totally against killing of innocent persons in any circumstances. One of the earliest Islamic jurists, Imam Abu Yusuf (735-798) said:-

“Peace loving citizens will not be penalized for the wrongs of their co-religionists.” (Kitab Al Kharaj page 78)

The Al Qaida and other terrorist outfits want to promote the culture of violence among Muslims and take them away from the message of peace, harmony, fraternity, patience, forbearance and fellow feeling, that the Quran, time and again preaches. They also want to make Muslims rebels against their own government/society and take them away from the mainstream of education/social growth. But, the Quran exhorts Muslims to obey the representatives of the government and not to commit violence against them or conspire against them.

According to Islamic Ulema and jurists, the terrorist organizations including Al Qaida and their followers are out of the fold of Islam. Their ideology of violence is now exposed and various Islamic scholars have become desperate to regain credibility. The ideologies of hate and distrust will only take the Muslim youths to the path of destruction and violence. Therefore, the Muslim youths should hold on to the Quran, Hadith and the tradition of Sahaba and follow the path of peace and tolerance.

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