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Islam Teaches Tolerance and love to all Religions

When we were in the mother’s womb, we were not aware of the religion caste, colour we belonged to. All such differences were created by the mankind for selfish motives. God never distinguished people created by him on such criteria. We should thank the almighty for blessing us with a human life. To utilize this opportunity in a positive aspect we should work for the welfare of the society we live in. For Muslims in particular every Muslim should aim at adhering to the advice of Quran and Hadees to enrich our social living.

Even Bhagavad Gita says that the almighty would send his representatives to this earth, whenever it is felt that the normal functioning of this universe is disturbed and there is a need to set the people back to the right path of life. The latest example of such saints has been Prophet Muhammad who always preached that a true Muslim should go ahead in the path defined in Quran, without disturbing others and respecting the feelings and sentiments of all people.

When we exercise brotherhood without any bias, then only the reformation of our society is possible. Following the holy books of one’s own religion (Bible, Quran or Bhagavad Gita), one can realize that all human beings are equal and one’s own behavior would only decide his position in the society. Similarly, one who spreads hatred and violence could never become an ideal person in that particular community. Such people are not acceptable to God/Allah.

There is no wrong in following a religion of one’s own choice. But problem arises if a person develops over-possessiveness about his own religion and begins to hate others. This is not the path advised by our beloved Prophet. All the Muslims should go through Quran with an open mind without any prejudicial thoughts which will definitely find the light to guide your journey.

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