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Islam vis-à-vis female education

Islam advocates educating women and enlightening them about the teachings of religion, as education greatly influences the lives of women as well as of their children in the future, said Prophet Muhammad, when some female companion asked him ‘Men are always with you, so specify a day for us’. Then Prophet had specified a day on which he used to meet, address, admonish and command women. Moreover, the Prophet used to urge women to teach each other. Besides, a poet Hafiz Ibrahim said ‘The mother is a school. If she is well-prepared, a noble nation is made’.

Followers of Prophet used to hold gatherings of knowledge in their homes as they were keen on teaching women, children and daughters. History has recorded the biographies of women who were knowledgeable in religion and were taught by their fathers, brothers and husbands. Such men present shining examples in caring for and educating both men and women without discrimination. Daily obligations and duties did not divert them from their duty towards their families until their sons and daughters grew into excellent role models in knowledge and piety. This shows the position of women in Islam.

It is hoped that this kind approach of Islam towards womenfolk will urge women students to exert their best efforts in learning religion and mastering what is beneficial for them in their scientific and practical lives.

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