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Islam with the essence of both traditional and modern values

Given the widespread confounding of Islam with Islamism (Al-Islam Al-Siyasi), it is certified from the following points that the traditional, political, contemporary, modern, mysticism, philosophy, etc. are in the essence of Islam. However, confining Islam to Islamic State Shariah belief, rigidity, revelation limiting to theologico-juristic-politico aspects only, constrict the composite and complete religion into an exclusivist twist. It is incorrect to characterize traditional Islam as simplistic, selective, verging on caricature, analytically unhelpful, terming Islamic Government as an Islamic State because Islam has traditionally been remained a great mobilizing power and inspiration in helping shape politics in Muslim world, besides also paving the way for modern philosophy and materialistic developments.

It has helped, educate and sensitize millions by playing a key role in the anti-colonial and anti-imperialistic struggle across the world, besides inspiring national liberation movements to safeguard Islamic independence. The modern secular state as envisaged in the present decade had firmly been rooted in the original times of Islam’s foundation. Traditional Islam has contributed to creative explorations in every field of knowledge especially philosophical and mystical, thus the debate of modern and traditional dividing a cleavage in between is not justified. Islam as a whole is a composite religion with buttresses on humanity, peace, scientific approach and progress of the mankind, besides a fine balance between traditionalism and modernism.

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