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Islamic principles of Afo O Dargujar leads to ‘Jannat’

Afo and Dargujar are core Islamic principles. In Arabic Afo means to condone while Dargujar, to forgive. How would one live an ideal life in the physical world? For example of mechanism of Car, where combination of petrol and other essential parts is important for its smooth running. Similarly, Allah has ruled in Quran that one should have a balance of Afo and Dargujar, the core of Islam, for smooth running of the life and an assured hereinafter. This combination is of Afo and Dargujar which means always condone others’ errors/not to resort for revenge and forgive respectively. To control ones anger and keep quiet under all conditions and a curb on the capacity to punish or to take revenge is called Afo. Nabi Karim also suggested ways to diminish and eliminate anger and to control the fire inside a person.

Afo principle has two priorities, the first a person pardons his enemy even without his own inner consent and the other condones someone happily from the bottom of the heart, besides thinking about the welfare of his adversary. Allah is the supreme power and he has given Quran for all human beings to lead a successful life; if someone doesn’t take revenge of his enemy and controls anger then it is a very courageous act. The most important thing is to condone his enemy by heart and happily, and those who do this Allah may give Jannat to them. Allah likes Afo and Dargujar works for peace.

Once, the servant of Hazrat Hussain, by mistake fell the curry on his head thus, enraging Hazrat Hussain . His servant read one Aayat that the person who condones someone and controls anger are good natured people, thus Hazrat Hussein had Condoned his servant. If someone gives you harsh treatment then also you respond softly to them and by using these techniques your enemy will bend and shall be won over and treat you like a friend.

Allah is very powerful and always condones us; he has power to make our enemy our friend. Always use goodness against badness in life as Allah is always there to condone you; if you can do this compromise in life then Allah will also give you Jannat and Sabab. If someone uses patience and condones others then it is real courage.

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