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Islamic Science Exhibition inaugurated at Maahad-ul-Islami

Hyderabad: On completion of 18 years of its inception, Maahad-ul-Islami, Hyderabad organized a two day Islamic Science Exhibition on Sunday 24th February.

Giving the details of the exhibition, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rehmani told that the unique history of 15-17 Islamic cities and Muslim scientists has been depicted in the exhibition.

It may be mentioned that in the past, Muslim scientists had developed Mathematics, Geography, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. Later, this knowledge was passed on to Europe.

Mr. M.A. Lateef Ilm Foundation designed the museum and exhibition.

Present on this occasion were Mufti Omer Abedi, Maulana Sufiyan Qasmi, Dr. Sayeed ur Rehman Nadvi, Maulana Shaukat Qasmi, Maulana Nazarul Hafeez Nadvi, Mufti Shoeb Miftahi, Maulana Saifuddin, Maulana Irfan, Maulana Gyas Ahmed Rashadi, Dr. M.A. Rafeeq, Mr. G.M. Mustafa and others.

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