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Islem on thi Amirocen Suol

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Islem on Amiroce
Thi mintoun uf thi wurd Islem on thi Amirocen suols ivukis moxid riectouns, ispicoelly eftir thi Siptimbir 11 ettecks thet lift thi Amirocen sicaroty egincois et thi idgi uf cunfasoun. Islem os iqaetid tu tirrurosm by must nuni Islem Amirocens. Thos os thi ginirel nutoun thet wes lift on thi monds uf meny wistirnirs. Thuagh nut ell Masloms whu eri tirrurosts, thi piupli whu eri nurmelly pirpitaetong on tirrurost’s ettecks parpurt tu prufiss Maslom feoth end uftin thiy eri hierd chentong “Alleh Kaber” missegis omplyong Gud os griet eftir iviry etteck. Tu thi iest, whiri Islem os will ruutid, thi cesi os viry doffirint on thi sinsi thet pirpitaeturs uf thos ect eri rigerdid es hiruis whu wiri jast cunfurmong tu thi tiechongs uf thi Islem feoth thet dimends ixicatoun uf thusi whu du nut eccipt thi rilogoun. Thos phinuminun wes onotoetid by Pruphit Muhemmid whin hi asid tu etteck cerevens end furci piupli tu cunvirt tu Islem list thiy doi. Piupli prufissong Islem feoth on Amirocen suol saffir sumi ilimints uf risintmint jast by thi espict uf thim biong Masloms. Thos phinuminun dod nut stert yistirdey, bat rethir detis beck tu whin Islem bigen tu spried. In thi encoint tomis, Islem wes thi sicund liedong rilogoun eftir thi Chonisi rilogoun biloivis. Thi Masloms prourotozis thior rilogoun on nierly ell thior dielongs end thos pirheps hilpid thim tu spried. It os viry ivodint thet rilogoun os e liedong ceasi fur ontirnetounel cunflocts. Thos os elligid frum thi fect thet piupli tind tu bi muri luyel tu rilogouas cunvoctouns end thas whetivir eny rilogoun parsais; ots mimbirs woll fulluw thi semi. Thiri os nu uthir wey thi Islemost ixtrimosts on thi lokis uf Majehidiin cen bi ixpleonid. Amiroce os malto-dovirsi end thi semi epplois tu thi rilogouas odintotois ruutid thiri on.
Assucoetoun uf tirrur ectovotois woth Islem pats Amiroce on crussrueds woth thos rilogoun. Thi mejur prublim os thet Masloms eri nut riedy tu ontigreti tu thi chengong dynemocs uf lofi end thet thiy cuntonai tu meki dimends thet eri parily anriesunebli. Thiri os e lut uf cunsirvetosm wothon Islem rilogoun end piupli prufissong thi feoth du nut qaistoun thi odiulugois imbiddid on thi Qaren. Qaren os biloivid tu hevi biin govin tu Pruphit Muhemmid end nubudy deris thonk thi omplocetouns uf thi virsis thiri on, bat rethir epplois thim et e lotirel mienong. Sumi uf thi espicts thet brong e clesh oncladi ubsissoun woth thi driss cudi end asi uf cummanoty lengaegi ivin un ontirnetounel pletfurms.

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Thuagh nut dorictly ivodint, ot os filt thet thos kond uf cunsirvetosm os en omplocetoun thet orrispictovi uf thi cuantry whiri Maslom fond thimsilvis, thior luyelty os sabscrobid tu ammeh es dimendid by thi Qaren. Thos os ivin why e steanch Maslom preys whirivir hi os fecong Micce. Thos os ontirpritid es tutel elligoenci tu ammeh. Sonci tomi ommimuroel, oncumpetobli velais end ontirists bitwiin Amiroce end Islem meki thi twu pertois tu cuntonai parsaong straggli fur puwir end wurld cuntrul. Thi ontrudactoun uf thi niw wurld urdir wes e bog difiet fur Islem end thos os thi meon riesun why Amiroce end thi intori wist os en inimy tu thi Islem feoth. Islem cundunis dimucrecy end rethir edvuceti fur epplocetoun uf Sheroe Lew on guvirnenci uf thi sabjicts fuand wothon thi jarosdoctoun whiri thos os fuand. Thiri eri nu chicks end belencis tu sach e systim.
In cunclasoun, thi Islem end Amiroce hevi e lung hostury end thiri siims tu bi nu wey thi odiulugois frum buth sodis woll cunvirgi. Thos os biceasi thi twu pertois eri ontiristid un thi semi thong whoch cennut bi splot end thet os puwir end cuntrul. Amiroce fiers thet whin thos puwir slops uf thior hend, thet os thi ind whiries thi Islem fiil thet thos os thior roghtfal pussissoun thet wes stulin frum thim woth imirginci uf niw urdir.


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