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Jaipur: Muslims shower petals after Hindu procession halts for namaz

Farhan Israel/Jaipur

India’s Pink City Jaipur, Rajasthan, witnessed the heartwarming scenes of religious amity on Friday when the call for prayers for Muslims on the first congregational prayers in the month of Ramzan clashed with a local Hindu festival.

Both sides instinctively each other’s religious beliefs. 

A group of Hindus were taking out a religious procession called Khatu Shyam Sobha Yatra through the thickly populated Johri bazaar of the city accompanied by loud music blaring from speakers and a DJ.

When the procession reached close to the local mosque, where the Imam sahib was giving sermons on the first Friday of the holy month, the organizers of the procession directed the music to be muted. 

News agency IANS released this video of the scene in Jaipur on X and it was widely shared by netizens:

The procession was stopped and when the devout came out of the mosque after saying namaz, they showered petals on the procession of Khatu Shyam.

After namaz when the procession resumed, leaders from Muslim community like Minority Morcha State President Hameed Khan Mewati and former State President M. Sadiq Khan and their followers and local Muslims greeted the Shobha Yatra by showering rose flowers. 

There were scenes of Hindus and Muslims hugging each other that generated goodwill and a feeling of communal amity.

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Among those who facilitated this harmony included M. Sadiq Khan, Usman Chauhan, Irshad Hasanpura, Fariduddin, Mustaq Rangrez, Haji Mustaq Khan, Parvez Khan, Nawab Qureshi, Istyak Khan, Hasim Khan, Haji Jamaluddin, Hanif Khan, Nadeem Ansari, Burhan Khan, Wahdat Sheikh, Junaid Akhtar.

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