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Jamat-ul-Vida Namaz: The most important act seeking Allah’s benevolence to mankind

Jamat-ul-Vida (the last Friday of the holy month of Ramzan) prayer is considered the holiest and most special Friday Namaz by the believers seeking Allah’s blessings/salvation to whole of the creation. Allah emphasizes upon the importance of Friday Namaz: “rush for Allah’s reference leaving all worldly engagements on the call of Friday Namaz and after completion of prayer keep on endeavoring for Allah’s benevolence for seeking success in worldly affairs” (Surah-al-Jamua 62:9 & 10). Jamat-ul-Vida (the Friday of farewell) indicates seeking of good wishes for whole of the mankind which is celebrated by reciting verses from Holy Quran, besides committing to social works/charity/human service as well as peace, success and harmony in the world. The day is also marked for a special revelation to the Prophet Mohammad. Muslims are required to involve in the activities of helping poor and helpless people by offering them food and other amenities, besides reaffirming their faith in the Almighty Allah and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad because Jamat-ul-Vida prayer is equivalent to the namazes performed for a complete year. As per Islamic history while the Prophet was delivering the Khutba on this day, all participants except twelve left the venue to hear about arrival of a Syrian caravan. Subsequently, Prophet emphasized upon the importance of Jamat-ul-Vida namaz seeking Allah’s blessings above all worldly affairs.

On the day (Jamat-ul-Vida; May 31, 2019), every Muslim should seek Allah’s love, compassion and blessings for himself, his family, kith & kin and for whole of the humanity.

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