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Jamiat-ul-Quresh asks meat shops, slaughter houses to stay closed

Hyderabad: On Sunday, Jamiat-ul-Quresh action committee for meat selling, appealed to Hyderabad shopkeepers selling meat to lower their shutters also to remain closed in order to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

Former General Secretary of Jamiat-ul-Quresh, Mohammed Muneer Qureshi, appealed to shop owners through voice message on social media requesting all the Qureshi (Butcher) community to cooperate and close the meat shops and slaughterhouses.

In his voice message, Muneer Qureshi even asked the TS Waqf Board Chairman and the President of Jamiat-ul-Quresh, Mohammed Saleem to pass an order to all the meat traders and slaughter houses to remain shut as 19 members of the Qureshi community were infected with COVID-19.  

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