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Since time immemorial, India has been nurturing a culture of interspersing civilizations of human race where values like humanity, inter-tolerance, peace, harmony were preserved, while simultaneously the innate evils of rivalry, conflict, forced occupations, religious/sectarian/racial exclusivism were dissolved in. Several invaders who targeted the nation due to its immense wealth, human skill, knowledge, etc. had become enchanted of her these attributes, leading to their mixing with Indian society like an integral part. Religious tolerance and freedom had always been respected mutually by the people of India with a sense of assimilation of various customs and rites.

It is well known that the dreaded Islamic terror group, ISIS, by the virtue of a false appeal of ‘Caliphate’, ‘Ummah’, ‘Shariah State’, etc. has been able to attract/recruit thousands of youths not only from Middle-East and Maghrib but also from Western countries like U.K., U.S.A., Holland, Germany, France, etc. However, India with the second largest Muslim population, did not witness much sway by the outfit, as only around 200 Muslim youths are reported to had joined it, including from among the Indians Diaspora abroad.

Thus, the call, ‘Ghazbatul-e-Hind’ (mobilization towards India for a Jihad) by ISIS has completely been rejected by Indian Muslims. In fact, the world gazes with hope towards India to flourish global peace, prosperity and harmony i.e. ‘Jazba-e-Ittehad-e-Hind’ (Hindustani appeal of unity).

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