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JNU organises 2-day conference on Modern Arabic literature

New Delhi 

A two-day international conference under the theme “Modern Saudi Literature: Creation and Criticism” curated by Awaz-the Voice and organized by the Center of Arab and African Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhii on May 7.

The purpose of this event is to shed light on the contemporary literary scene of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Director of the conference, Prof. Rizwan-ur-Rahman, said that every year the Center of Arab and African Studies organizes similar conferences on a particular topic in which many researchers, writers, and authors participate. 

Academicians from India and around the world participate in these seminars. “These events serve as platforms for presenting research papers and promoting literary exchange,” he said.

Notably, the most prominent research papers are published in the magazine Aljeel Aljadeed, a prestigious journal listed under UGC CARE. 

He added that the theme for this international conference is “Modern Saudi Literature”. The choice has been made because such a topic is not given much attention in Indian literary circles, as they do not care much about Saudi writers and their modern literary works. Although there are a significant number of male and female writers whose literary works are of great importance.

The objective of this conference :

  • . Present the works of Saudi writers and introduce their literary styles, perspectives, and contributions.
  • . Explore the issues addressed in modern Saudi literature.
  • . Analyze the issues and themes that Saudi writers focus on in their literary works.
  • . Provide a platform to discuss the latest developments in modern Saudi literature.
  • . Exchange of academic and scientific experiences between experts and those interested in Arabic language and literature.

“Modern Saudi literature has seen tremendous growth in recent decades. Many works have been critically acclaimed, and many have received notable literary awards,” said conference coordinator Dr. Zar Nagar. “Modern Saudi Literature: Creation.” and Criticism” This two-day international seminar aims to open the lines of communication between Saudi literary principles and scholars from different countries. The participation of many Arab states will certainly give this conference an additional profile. The discussions and recommendations of the conference will be of greater importance and will achieve the objective of the concept.

During the two-day event, in eight sessions, about fifty academic papers were presented by the participants from different Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, and Palestine. will be done. , Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Sudan besides many other researchers from various universities in India.

Papers to be presented at this conference will consider various topics such as;

  • . Literature and National Identity in Modern Saudi Literature.
  • . National, social, and political issues
  • . Impact of media and technology on the publication of Saudi literature.
  • . Women’s Issues in Saudi Literature.
  • . Children’s Journalism and Literature.

It is worth noting that academicians and researchers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated in this conference. The theme of the conference is also directly related to their country which is very encouraging and welcome.

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