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Karnataka: 14-year-old swimmer finds place in Nobel Book of World Records

Mangaluru: Shafin Mustafa, an eighth grader studying at Prestige International School Jeppinamogaru, Mangaluru, has not only mastered the art of swimming but has achieved the extraordinary feat of floating on water without using his hands and feet.

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This 14-year-old swimming prodigy has now etched his name in the Nobel Book of World Records by floating on water for an exact duration of 2 hours, 30 minutes, and 13 seconds.

Shafin Mustafa’s achieved this feat while floating in the school’s swimming pool, where he initiated the exercise at 5:30 in the morning on Wednesday, under the guidance of his coach Aromal. Shafin the young swimmer demonstrated exceptional skill and resilience, breaking the record for boys under 15 years of age.

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Coach Aromal expressed his surprise at discovering Shafin’s innate swimming talent during the initial stages of training. Shafin’s proficiency in swimming became evident as he comfortably swam for 15-30 minutes, prompting an extension of his training time.

Aromal commended Shafin’s dedication and is delighted by his record-breaking achievement. The previous record, set in 2023 by Karanam Sanekh Singh from Andhra Pradesh, was broken by Shafin Mustafa, who stayed afloat for 2 hours, 30 minutes, and 13 seconds. Dr S Krishnamurthy, the director of the Nobel Book of Records in Karnataka, confirmed the new record.

Shafin expressed gratitude to his teachers and management of Prestige International School for their unwavering support and guidance throughout his journey. The record-breaking moment was witnessed by officials from the Nobel Book of World Records as well as Shafin’s proud parents, Abdul Latif and Safia Banu.

With this significant achievement under his belt, Shafin Mustafa has set his sight on conquering more records in the future, showcasing his exceptional talent and determination in swimming.

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