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Karnataka Elections: BJP, JD (S) strike secret deal? voters angry with TRS, MIM

Hyderabad: Congress has formulated a strategy to fight elections alone in Karnataka to counter the challenge of BJP and JD (S). After TRS and its political ally in Hyderabad extended their support to JD (S), the elections scene in Karnataka has completely changed. Secular voters especially, the Muslims have a feeling that in order to stop BJP coming to power in Karnataka it is essential to support Congress.

It is understood that making use of his earlier relations with JD (S), Mr. Yeddurappa might have struck a secret deal with Mr. H.D. Kumara Swami. BJP’s strategy is to come to power in Karnataka by dividing secular votes between Congress and JD (S). In case, BJP did not get absolute majority, it might enter into coalition with JD (S). In such a situation, the post of CM would be offered Mr. Kumara Swami. JD (S) also sought the support of MIM in order to poll Muslim votes. Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi could be requested to attend election campaigns in Muslim concentration areas. BJP adopted the policy of misleading the voters belonging to majority community by saying that voting in favour of JD (S) amounts to voting Congress whereas Mr. Siddaramiah is campaigning if votes are polled in favour of JD (S), it would amount to strengthening BJP.

Congress circles opined that JD (S) could have offered alliance with them, in which case, Congress would have expressed positive response.

It is suspected that Mr. H.D. Kumara Swami was forced to join hands with BJP since he was out of power for quite a long time.

According to sources, former PM, Mr. Deve Gouda has lost grip over JD (S). His son, Kumara Swami is taking unilateral decisions. It is also reported that JD (S) will float Muslim candidates in areas where there is sizeable Muslim population in order to counter Congress candidates. If this happens, its direct benefit would go to BJP. It is also reported that in addition to JD (S), BJP has also aligned with other small parties. BJP does not seem to be hopeful about winning Karnataka Elections on its own. It is depending on JD (S) whereas Congress candidates, Mr. Siddaramaiah is hopeful about the success of his party. He is certain that despite TRS and MIM support to JD (S), voters will not vote for this alliance. It remains to be seen what other strategies BJP would adopt to win Karnataka Elections.

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