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Karnataka Elections: Muslim-Dalit unity forged

Hyderabad: In order to keep BJP out of power in Karnataka, Congress party is banking upon the unity of Muslims and Dalits. In the wake of communalizing the politics in Karnataka by BJP, Congress has sought the help of non-governmental organizations.

Various opinion polls predicted hung assembly in Karnataka whereas Congress is sure of coming back to power in the State with simple majority. Siddaramaiah Govt. is popular among the people. The rumours of hung assembly are not going the affect people.

According to the reports, there could be a rift between BJP and JD (S). It is reported that former PM, Mr. Deve Gowda is in favour of supporting Congress whereas his son, Kumara Swamy is impatient to occupy the berth of CM for which he wants to join hands with BJP. Mr. Deve Gowda rejected this proposal.

Various Muslim and Dalit organizations have become active in rural areas to apprise the people of the damages in case BJP resumes power in the State.

Mr. Roshan Baig who is a Congress candidate from Shivaji Nagar rejected the results of opinion of polls. He said that Dalits and Muslims have decided to vote in favor of Congress. He further told that MIM and KCR do not command any influence in the State. With the support of KCR to JD(S), the chances of Congress wining the elections remain unaffected.

It is said that noted religious personalities of Karnataka, advised MIM to refrain from elections in the State. In case of MIM participating in Karnataka elections, it could have affected its changes winning the polls in Hyderabad.

BJP has planned to invite PM Modi, CM Yogi and President of BJP, Amit Shah.

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