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Karnataka govt to introduce enhanced property registration system

Bangalore: The Karnataka government is set to roll out a statewide property registration system, allowing the public to register their properties at any convenient registration office across the state.

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The initiative, previously implemented in five sub-registrar districts in Bangalore in 2015, is now poised for expansion, aiming to simplify the property registration process for citizens.

Currently, 70% of property registrations occur in Bangalore, with the remaining 30% distributed across other districts in the state. Recognizing the need for convenient services, the government is keen to extend this initiative to cater to citizens outside the capital.

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Approximately 25 lakh property registrations occur annually in the state, and the government has set an ambitious tax collection target of Rs 25,000 crore for the year, with plans to achieve this milestone.  

The proposed system will not be implemented simultaneously across all 30 districts. Instead, it will be initially introduced in Tumkur and Belgaum districts. After a trial period and evaluation of the system’s efficacy, the government plans to extend its implementation to other districts.

Bangalore, being the testing ground for the system, already has five sub-registrar districts – Jayanagar, Shivajinagar, Basavanagudi, Gandhinagar, and Rajajinagar, encompassing 43 sub-registrar offices. The system’s success in these districts has prompted the government to consider its expansion statewide.  

While there were discussions within the revenue department about amending the Registration Act, officials have concluded that existing laws provide sufficient opportunities for implementation without requiring amendments.

The first phase allows registration at any sub-registrar office within the respective district, with the second phase intended to enable registration from any district, supported by the developed technology.  

The move aims to address issues such as sub-registrar offices lacking staff due to low workload, ensuring a balanced distribution of work and providing citizens with quick and efficient service.

The government anticipates that the new system will not directly impact tax collection but will significantly enhance accessibility for citizens.

“We have come forward to bring more simplicity to property registration. Registration from anywhere is going well in Bangalore without any complaints. We have selected 2 districts as pilot areas to be implemented across the state. Then we expand everywhere simultaneously,” revenue minister Krishna Byregowda told reporters.

The government is committed to creating a more efficient and accessible property registration system, benefitting citizens across the state.

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