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K’taka polls: Video promotes ‘fear’, urges people to vote wisely

Bengalur: Even as the campaigning for Karnataka Assembly election is reaching its end, a video released on social media by an outfit going by the name of “Young India Initiatives” is attempting to spread a psychosis of fear by highlighting recent issues with a controversial twist or influence to it.

This video shows people being forced to give up what the outfits calls their “Western eating and dressing habits and restricts people from speaking against any political party.”

It also shows a couple, a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy, being brutally thrashed for allegedly being in a relationship.

Interestingly, the video does not name any political party.

The video appeals to the people of Karnataka to vote liberally, wisely, responsibly, progressively and inclusively in the May 12 election.

This video has surfaced in the backdrop of the recent ban imposed by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government on the sale of cattle, including cows, for slaughter and restricting cattle trade solely to farm owners.

Recently also, Minister of State for Human Resource Development (HRD) Satyapal Singh made headlines for stating that ‘no boy will be ready to marry a girl who comes to the mandap (wedding stage) in jeans.’

The opposition Congress party, which has been cornering the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on such issues, re-tweeted this video from its official Twitter handle on May 2 and said that the condition of Karnataka would become the same as other state if the BJP comes to power there.

“Here’s what the BJP would do to the people of Karnataka if it had its way. The vote is a powerful instrument for protection of your civil rights. Vote wisely & responsibly. #VoteCongress Credits: FB/YoungINDYI (sic),” Congress tweeted.

A political slugfest is currently on view in the run-up to the elections in Karnataka.

The results of this politically significant poll will be out on May 15 (ANI)

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