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Long queues, confusion in banks across Delhi as exchange of Rs 2,000 notes begins

New Delhi: As the process for exchange of Rs 2,000 currency notes began on Tuesday, long queues were observed at various bank branches in Delhi as customers eagerly exchanged the currency notes for smaller denominations.

However, at some places, people alleged that the banks were asking them to deposit the money instead and even demanded the ID proof.

Amar Singh, standing in a long queue at ICICI Bank branch in Green Park, said that there has been length of the line was there since the morning and chaos and confusion rules as bank staff are refusing to exchange the note and asking to deposit them.

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“Most of us want to exchange notes and if the bank is not able to do, than it is their fault if they haven’t made proper arrangements to exchange the Rs 2,000 currency. Why should we deposit them,” he said.

“My wife had saved Rs 16000 and all of them are Rs 2000 notes,” he added.

At some banks, there were even arguments between bank customers and staff.

“I came here at Lajpat Nagar’s PNB bank in the morning and it has been more than two hours, I am still waiting for my turn to exchange the currency. They are working very slow,” said Amresh Sharma, 68.

“Most of us are elderly and they (bank staff) do not care about us,” he said.

Meanwhile, several people also complained regarding the fuel stations not accepting the Rs 2,000 notes.

“Instead of accepting Rs 2,000 note, the fuel station worker asked me to pay online as they are not accepting the notes, which are still legal tender,” said 24-year-old Sahil, a resident of Malviya Nagar.

Chaos was also witnessed at Azadpur vegetable market, where the sellers alleged that most of the buyers coming to the market are using Rs 2,000 notes to buy items.

“The buyers are bringing only Rs 2,000 notes juist get rid of them,” a wholesaler said in the vegetable market.

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