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Love triumphs as landlady, house help married for last 14 years

She is rich, has a house that she calls her own, and is financially secured. He is financially weak, doesn’t own a house but now owns her heart. This is the story of Nazia and Sufiyan who fell in love with each other breaking societal and age barriers.

Nazia and Sufiyan belong to Islamabad, Pakistan. Nazia is a homemaker who had been living alone for quite some time. She needed house help and enter Sufiyan who was recommended by a friend.

Speaking to a Youtuber Syed Basid Ali, Nazia narrates how she found her true love.

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“I hired Sufiyan for Rs 18,000/month as a house help. As days went by, I started getting attracted to Sufiyan’s habits, mannerisms, thoughts, and views of the world. He has never spoken ill about anyone. His heart is simple and in the right place,” she said adding that money and appearance were never her priority in finding the right match.

It was Nazia who popped the question, breaking another myth that proposing is a man’s job. Recalling the day of the proposal, Nazia said, “Sufiyan had fainted hearing the proposal.”

Sufiyan also responded in the affirmative. “I love you too,” he said.

The two got married and are living their fairytale life for the last 14 years.

Nazia has only love for her husband. “Sufiyan attends to all of their needs. When there is a fever, he brings medicine, takes care of me, and cooks food,” she said.

However, this love story has its share of judgments and brickbats.

Nazia and Sufiyan had to endure the raised eyebrows of many in society. It however hardly matters for the lovers who stick by each other. Nazia compares her husband to Salman Khan, while Sufian compares her to Katrina Kaif, that’s all that matters to them.

You can watch them here.


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